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Ultra-secure and scalable cloud

Cloud computing in a few lines

Essential to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud creates the link between the digital world and the physical world of connected objects. It allows data from these objects to be processed, stored, analyzed and retrieved while maintaining security and confidentiality.

Our cloud has been designed in France, within our software and web development department, to ensure fast customization of connected products and related services.
We have developed products with their own intelligence. The cloud provides an additional layer of efficiency to offer the user further control of their consumption, additional analysis, prediction abilities and advice services.


Flexibility and responsiveness of connected objects to the service of consumers

The cloud can adapt in real time the ability of an ecosystem based on the level of demand. Flexibility is required for managing all connected objects that are expected to experience higher usage periods than others.

Our cloud is an intelligent and scalable system that meets the needs and continuously adapts to the use of products and services associated with it. On request, we can perform remote updates of the product software. This allows us for example to easily and quickly customize the interface of a product, add features and deploy them on other products etc...


A secured system by design

Because from the conception, cloud security was our first priority, our teams applied a very high level of protection in compliance with data privacy requirements.
 The data security, SMARTHOME choice for protection: the data hosting is located in France. French laws, which are among the most protective in the world, protect personal data and preserve individual liberties. For more information, visit
 Security also lies in the design of the CLOUD:
 Innovative system that divides information into a multitude of virtual safes.
 Encryption of data in a very protective level.
 4 secure SSL barriers in addition to the protective barrier of your smartphone, computer or tablet.
 Protection with DDos system (Distributed Denial of services).
 Backup security: at a leader of secure hosting AWS. For more information,


More services with cloud to cloud

Cloud to Cloud connects different connected object universally. Thus, our cloud is able to communicate with other external services and interact with other connected objects and devices without the need to speak the same language and at extremely low cost. According to our analysis, cloud to cloud is the solution to guarantee the interoperability between the different actors in the same household and to give the consumer all the freedom of their choices which they are entitled to demand.
Weather service for forecasting and optimizing heating management
The intelligence of our cloud will allow us in the long term to offer a self-adaptability of the heating or air conditioning system depending on the weather of the day and days to come
For example, thanks to the forecasts, the cloud will be able to automatically adapt the heating power necessary to the needs while guaranteeing a pleasant temperature and energy savings.
Smartgrids compatibility, actively participate in the energy transition
Our Cloud has been designed to be connected to energy distributors in order to participate in the management of heating peaks and the reduction of energy losses.
Beyond the HVAC field...
Because we designed an upgradeable system, our connected solutions will allow to control other applications such as lighting, ventilation, domestic hot water…

Because we developed an upgradeable system, features mentioned can be already available or in development.