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Sustainable development

Companies in the Axenco Group work on a daily basis towards providing thermal comfort in the home, for the end customer.
We are all therefore – individually and collectively – intrinsically affected by strategic issues around new energies, the improvement of energy efficiency, the fight against waste and the economic accessibility of the solutions which we develop.

In this context:

Our activities are mainly based on a continually-applied strategy of research and innovation, and we offer our range commercially, worldwide.

The aim of our innovation is to generate savings in the areas of energy and of wear and tear (by means of energy use gauges, occupancy detectors, etc.), our products are affordable for any kind of budget, we use several sources of energy, and we even provide dual-energy products which, ecologically, are more responsible, as a solution to new heat regulations governing buildings.

But, because we are first of all a company on a human scale, where men and women work together with a common project and common values, we must, to be consistent, apply together a sustainable development global approach, which guides our decisions, operations and methods, on a daily basis.

For our people, this undertaking in particular translates into:

Making them highly aware of good practices in the area of energy savings.

Flexibility in working hours, so as to facilitate car-sharing.

Option of telecommuting.

Priority is given to soft copy media; instead of paper copies (reference documents are scanned, and more and more of our staff members have two computer screens, etc.).

An “open door” policy” for all staff members, at all management levels.

We promote and support the career progression of our staff members; no discrimination is acceptable or accepted.

More globally, our aim is to provide our people with a work environment safe, healthy, fair and efficient.
Thus, we will succeed, in the coming years, to keep a very low staff turnover rate and to develop our human capital still further.

Our approach also translates, for all companies in the Axenco group and for all our teams, into simple and responsible actions and principles, as follows:

Working environment:

 The presence of greenery in all production sites; enhancing our environment has always been included in our various real estate projects.
 We use methods which enable us to save energy in our premises (e.g. heating is lowered when premises are vacant, occupancy detectors are used to manage lighting, low energy consumption lamps are employed, limited use is made of air conditioning, etc.).


 We prefer to do business with suppliers which have an overall environmental policy, one which is formally set out and is responsible. At the very least we ensure that suppliers do indeed comply with their legal obligations as regards the environment.


 We carry out direct deliveries to our clients ‘construction areas, optimising the loading of our trucks, in order to reduce our environmental footprint in relation to transport.
 We only use recyclable materials for palletisation.
 As much as we can, we use cardboard for packaging (instead of plastic), and progressively suppress polystyrene as wedges for products.
These actions, of course, exceed the requirements set out in law and in regulations (i.e. in the RoHS Directive, contribution in France to an environmental organization, the WEEE Directive, etc.) in terms of product development and manufacturing:

We regularly carry out value analyses in order to reduce the materials we use to the strict minimum. We also carry out an impact study before we start using a new consumable as part of our production process.

We prefer to use recyclable materials, which have a low impact on the environment:
 The oil used in our radiators does not contain any additives which are harmful for the environment.
 We have reduced the amount of glycol in the mix used in our towel heaters to a minimum.

One of the production sites we use is already certified ISO 14001, a second has begun the procedure involved, and a third complies with the main requirements of the standard.

We sort and recycle waste in our production sites (plastics, electronics, cardboard, etc.).

We apply a strict recycling waste policy in our production sites to prevent any risk of pollution: Special facilities (e.g. holding tanks, local decontamination resources) are dedicated to operations relating to fluids, during storage and during the course of production processes.

It is in order that each and every one amongst us understand, deploy and own these principles and actions, on a daily basis – because they are part of what we are and what we want to be – that we want to reaffirm them here, publicly and solemnly.

Fabrice Bénichou
Founder and C.E.O. of Axenco group



The AXENCO Group has been assessed by ECOVADIS, a platform for rating the social and environmental performance of global supply chains, a criterion increasingly required in partnerships with major real estate builders.

The AXENCO Group has been recognised and rewarded for its CSR approach by obtaining a gold medal certification from the ECOVADIS label.
This performance marks and rewards our commitment to sustainable development, social and corporate responsibility, ethics in the conduct of our activities and environmental protection.

The 2024 score places the group in the top 5% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the household appliances manufacturing sector.