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Smart and connected controller kit for radiant panel heater

Our range of triple connectivity controllers has been extended to include radiant panel heater, after integrating electric radiators and towel rails.

Connectivity at the heart of our innovations

Interoperable by construction, this new controller kit integrates 3 communication protocols to join different IoT ecosystems and guarantee simple remote control via smartphone, tablet or PC thanks to a dedicated customisable mobile application.
It can also be controlled by voice using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

It provides full bi-directional connectivity, allowing also information transmission and consumption readings, and guarantees free upgradability thanks to remote software updates via OTA (Over The Air) technology.

Ingenious and sustainable design

It has been designed with a strong eco-design approach: its upper part is interchangeable, guaranteeing flexibility in upgrading or customising the control interface.
It has a large black screen with white digits for perfect readability, and blends in perfectly with the heating body.


Advanced features for comfort and energy savings

Its occupancy detector ensures the presence/absence automatic detection feature, so that the finished product with our controller kit is eligible for NF performance 3*Œil and energy saving certificates, as the device is self-programmable by self-learning the rhythm of life.
It integrates advanced local features such as keypad locking and PIN code lock, a dual optimiser for even greater savings, automatic open window detection, energy consumption indication and many other features to provide even greater comfort while reducing energy bills.


A solution from ECTRL connected and customizable ecosystem

The controller kit fits fully into this intelligent and scalable IoT universe, customizable to your sector of activity.

This module is also available in a non-connected version.