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Our product ranges

Imhotep Création is specialised in the design, development and production of mechatronic products. A specialist in the fields of programming, device control, energy management, connected solutions and man-machine interfaces, we offer innovative and customised OEM-ODM solutions which provide thermal comfort in the home and in small service businesses, and also in the home automation, agri-food and paramedical areas.

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From the design stage to the point at which a product goes on the market, we provide you with a complete range of more than 450 mechatronic products and system sub-units: control panels and control systems, room thermostats, remote controls, programmers, man-machine interfaces, etc.


Our products are delivered “ready to integrate” for simple and quick assembly with your HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems), without any changes being made to your manufacturing processes.


Thus, our clients are mainly manufacturers which specialise in the following areas:
 Connected products (columns, thermostats, smart and connected wall sockets…)
 Associated services (cloud, application…),
 Home automation, Smart home
 Dry and fluid-filled electric radiators
 Electric and hot water towel dryers
 Electric under-floor heating/cooling devices
 Hydraulic under-floor heating/cooling devices
 Solar energy heating, domestic hot water production and boiler relief devices;
 Reversible forced air heat pumps
 Central units with air duct for domestic ventilation
 Wall-hung and floor standing boilers
 Wine cellars, cold rooms, etc.
 Paramedical devices


Products which meet your requirements