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Our distinctive expertise

We carry out non-stop analysis of changes in terms of technology and standards , both current and future.
Always one step ahead of others, using our own funds, we develop mechatronic platforms and solutions for the purpose of sharing and pooling them.
In doing so we reduce time to market for our manufacturing clients.
Imhotep Création’s pro-active approach helps to create added value for our clients’ brands.
Our innovation has been recognised within the industry and has enabled us join the Bpifrance EXCELLENCE.
Beyond the choice in respect of existing solutions, we develop customised mechatronic solutions which meet your technical constraints in respect of footprint and assembly, integrating high-tech electronics (e.g. radio-frequency (wireless) transmission, connecting buses, complex technologies).

Before developing solutions you need to come up with ideas!
While complying with your specifications, we undertake quality project management from the product design stage onwards.

Finding that small detail which is going to make a huge difference, or a distinctive characteristic: innovation starts with this.

Our expertise enables us to take you with us right into the core workings of mechatronic solutions: after analysing technical-cum-functional characteristics, we use our expertise in mechatronics fields to drive your project forward.

Industrial design: We bring your concept into material being by creating a harmonious 3D product structure which resolves all of the industrial constraints pertaining to it: technical, business, ergonomics, operating, etc. constraints.

Research and Development: After a basic and applied hardware and software assessment, our R&D staff design printed circuit boards, develop real-time software programs, and carry out pre-qualification testing, both in-house and at independent laboratories.

We put all of our known-how to work to provide you with customised solutions and differentiated products which meet your requirements and, above all, enable you to gain a considerable competitive advantage in your market.

Our objective: to assist you with your project in order to ensure that it is a success and to facilitate the competitiveness of your company over the long term, and thus develop mutual collaboration based on expertise, trust and transparency.

The cross-disciplinary expertise at your disposal:

 Market research and analysis: identify the main trends in the market and determine its needs, so as to better anticipate clients’ future needs.

 Standards-watch and technology-watch (intelligence): monitor developments, detect major technological innovations and take note of changes in standards and in regulations.

 Industrial design, conceptualisation: create, innovate, style, define, customise, translate the idea and the stylised solution into end products, taking into consideration technical, commercial and ergonomic considerations.
We have our own in-house multi-field design agency.

 Research and development: study from a mechanical standpoint, develop high-tech electronics products, develop real-time software, which is embedded, desktop and web applications, analyse and design hardware, software and databases, develop automated tools, such as connectors, macros, modules/plug-ins and special advanced algorithms.

 Product testing and approvals from authorities: analyse, attest, verify, optimise, guarantee the product in performance and safety terms and provide a helping hand with approval procedures, which are carried out by accredited test laboratories.

 Labelling, graphics, marketing and sales material: create and customise product communication material (instructions, labels, packaging, etc.) and commercial documents (brochures, our website, etc.).
We have our own in-house multi-field design agency.

 Production: manufacture and assemble complex products, differentiate, miniaturise, get the size right, machine tool, inject, cable, paint and test.
Industrialise production tools and develop production plant and equipment.

 Logistics: transport, store and deliver products while controlling costs, deadlines and safety issues.

 Client care: listen to, understand, resolve issues, advise, coach and assist the client throughout the life cycle of products.