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Motion detection, an innovative and energy-saving OEM-ODM technological solution

Overview of how motion detection works

Motion detectors provides you with a new form of energy management.
Main function: to detect and indicate a movement in a room and to notify the movement to an electric appliance it is paired with, in order that the latter automatically takes the appropriate action, automatically.
Aim: to make an electric appliance intelligent so that it adjusts to lifestyle of its user and generates energy savings.

How does it work?

1- PIR detection technology
This technology is based on pyroelectric materials, in conjunction with dedicated optical and electronic parts.
A PIR (Passive InfraRed) detector is an electronic device which detects the infrared light emitted by objects located in its field of vision. Thus, thermal radiation is detected when an infrared source, at a precise temperature, such as a human being for instance, moves in front of another infrared source at a different temperature, such as the normal surrounds.
The radiation is of course not visible to the naked eye, but it can be detected by electronic devices designed for that purpose, which convert the radiation into an electric signal. The signal is analysed and the detector goes into a mode called“detection”.
2- Detection
The detector is equipped with a Fresnel lens which divides the field of detection into several parts called active and passive zones in order to focus the infrared radiation features that are captured onto a pyroelectric sensor. The detection range is approximately 120°.

Thus, a person going through the two types of areas, either once or several times, will be detected by the sensor. The sensor will automatically notify the electric appliance which it is paired with, in order for the latter to take the appropriate action.
Motion detection is not the same thing as presence detection.
Indeed, if something is moving, it is located by the sensor, which triggers the detection process. On the contrary, something present but perfectly still will not be detected, because it will not pass through the two types of zone and therefore cannot activate the sensor.

Example of an application: in conjunction with an electric radiator

A PIR movement detector can be incorporated into a control column fitted to a heating appliance such as a electric radiator.


Once the radiator is installed in a room in a home, the sensor detects movement in the room and if nobody is there, the radiator automatically and gradually decreases the setpoint temperature, in successive stages.
When someone goes into the room, the radiator automatically reverts to the operating mode that was active previously.
Heating management in the home is in this way both as effective as possible and intelligent; the motion detection mechanism provides you with a higher level of comfort and also with savings on your electricity bills.
The right temperature at the right time!

Do you want to use this technology in conjunction with your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) appliances?

Foreseeing and meeting your requirements in the area of innovative and customised OEM-ODM mecatronic solutions is our business. A PIR movement detector can be incorporated into various applications. We can even provide you with complete control solutions with built-in PIR detection.
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