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Experience SMARTHOME: our customizable connected solutions

Because in the digital age, connected objects have become an integral part of consumers’ lives, we have designed smart, connected products and services to further facilitate the management of thermal comfort in everyday life.

Communicating directly through the user’s internet box, like a simple Wi-Fi printer, our SMARTHOME connected solutions will allow users to easily control and remotely control their heating or air conditioning system using a smartphone.

SMARTHOME by Imhotep creation is above all an intelligent, scalable and customizable IoT ecosystem adapted to your field of applications and which can be made up of:
 Innovative connected products with local intelligence, such as digital-control columns, thermostats or multi-applications wall connections...
 Services such as a mobile application to view, control, anticipate and optimize the installation, an ultra-secure, scalable and interoperable cloud


Ultra-secure and scalable cloud

Essential to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud creates the link between the digital world and the physical world of connected objects. It allows data from these objects to be processed, stored, analyzed and retrieved while maintaining security and confidentiality.

Our cloud has been designed in France, within our software and web development department, to ensure fast customization of connected products and related services.
We have developed products with their own intelligence. The cloud provides an additional layer of efficiency to offer the user further control of their consumption, additional analysis, prediction abilities and advice services.

Because from the conception, cloud security was our first priority, our teams applied a very high level of protection in compliance with data privacy requirements.
 The data security, SMARTHOME choice for protection: the data hosting is located in France. French laws, which are among the most protective in the world, protect personal data and preserve individual liberties. For more information, visit
 Security also lies in the design of the CLOUD:
 Innovative system that divides information into a multitude of virtual safes.
 Encryption of data in a very protective level.
 4 secure SSL barriers in addition to the protective barrier of your smartphone, computer or tablet.
 Protection with DDos system (Distributed Denial of services).
 Backup security: at the leader of secure hosting OVH. For more information,


Customizable and intuitive mobile applications

Once developed, our applications provide intelligent home control, remote heating management, comfort guarantees, budget tracking, understanding and anticipation for a perfect control!
 Customized applications, personalization with colors of your company
 Developed in France, within our Research & Development department
 Saves time to quickly deploy a remote control application
 Application available for download on Apple IOS and Android platforms
 Application with responsive interface: adjustable to all screen sizes, smartphone, tablet and PC compatible
 Compatibility of the application with our other products: creation of a complete IoT solution


Common sense goes hand-in-hand with ergonomics, navigation is easy and intuitive



Innovative, smart and connected products:

Connected devices to the service of consumers!!
Remote control, manage unexpected events, setting temperature, energy savings, monitoring, reporting and consumption anticipation, advices, upgradeable system, remotely diagnosis… and many other services provided by connected objects to make the life of the user easier.